Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well I'm back! New home, new PC (a power house that Aranel built me), new builds... Real life is finally in order and in a good place, so I've been logging onto to SL lately in high spirits, something I'm really grateful for. This is truly a season of Harvest! Fall is my favorite season, I love pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving, fall colors and scents. So hopefully what I love will translate well into Second Life. Anyway since now we have Vanima Shee we have two sims to decorate seasonally. So you're all invited to celebrate Halloween at Vanima Shee! (You can find a SLurl in my links of this blog. :D) So come on and celebrate Halloween in a spooktacular and whimsical style!

Or click here: Vanima Shee - Haunted Land of the Fae!

Well I hope you enjoy the sim and we love to get feedback. Once again Happy Halloween! =D

Candy corn wishes, and Trick or treat Dreams,


Posted by Jade at 7:03 PM

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