Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Whatcha Doin'? (Btw Ravyn's on Vacay so I'm holding down the Fae Faire Fort. I hope she has a good time she really needs it with some of the needless stress people give her on this game... =/)


So what have I been doing? Yes lots of building... Lately my main focus has been custom jobs. I'm working on a few things that had been expanding my skill and vocabulary when it comes to building... WOOT! You'll all see soon enough for I will advertise it in the Fae Faire Business Group. The person I'm building for is a really talented designer (it's a storefront btw), and this build I'm working on, I'm really, REALLY excited about this because it ain't Elven and it ain't Fae. Plus afterwards I have more customs I'll be working on too!

I changed my view on custom jobs... I want to try things that will push me as a designer. As I mentioned before I am really tired of Lord of the Rings. I still love fantasy, but I'm starting to take a more whimsical storybook approach. I think I'm really starting to find my niche. I really love color and bold shapes and lines, you would see that in my pastel and charcoal work I do in real life if you ever saw it. Now I'm noticing it's starting to show up in my work in SL and I'm glad for that! I hate bland and washed out colors (things with no color), my personality is really starting to show in my work now here. Plus I'm finding that I can take people's wants and needs and twist and shape it to reflect what they want to achieve with the added bonus of incorporating my style.

OK enough about me...

I wanted to also mention Hurricane Gustav... I have real life family there and second life family in Louisiana and I just hope you're all ok. I haven't seen some of my friends log into SL who I know that live in that area, and I just hope you're all safe, and doing well, and I really hope to see you guys soon! I'm sending happy thoughts and wishes to wherever you are!

Ok, that's it. Done my gabbing for today.

Thinking of all of you!

Posted by Jade at 5:14 PM

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