Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ooo the month is almost over...

And what have I been doing you ask? Well taking care of real life at the moment, but let me tell you! The store has been doing great, and I wanted to thank you for all the kind note cards I have been getting on how we're doing. I'm happy to know that we're making your SL better by what we do at Fae Faire, and that you all are enjoying Vanima Shee! Stay tuned there's definitely more to come. We're growing along with what the word "fantasy" means to us. So I'm happy you want to grow with us too! Lately on SL I've been doing sim and parcel jobs, moving away a little from the Fae to give people some storybook twists if that makes any sense. So look for a lot more storybook and pixie things as well. Yowsa I think those are a bunch of run-on sentences but I'm too lazy to fix 'em lol.

Ok enough about the store, now onto the people. I have been meeting the coolest most awesomist people in SL lately, with true artistic souls. Musicians, and real life artists like myself. It's rather nice, and refreshing! I use to spend time with a certain crowd back in the day, and now I see I was totally missing out on what SL truly has to offer. I am FREE! And I love it! So I hope to get to know therse new friends more and find more people like them, because SL is all kinds of things for me, but just like in RL, friends are very important!

Hee~hee NEXT! Ravyn is back from vacation and we're gonna get down to business. Everyone knows we're branching out into new things, but we are now taking on customs to a larger scale... As I mentioned earlier I have been doing bigger projects, and we're going to keep doing them. It's now more than elven fireplaces and flying faery mushrooms... It's not Elven this, or Rivendell that... It's fantasy. That true joy and happiness we all had as children, the stories, the bright colors, just plain sugary-sweet goodness! And that's what I now want to bring to SL, wrapped up with a mega-dose of cuteness! So it's now my mission to shake things up a bit and bring that back with a dark twist to it.

Ok and back to the top, taking care of real life things. Aranel (SL partner and real life boyfriend) and I are moving to a new place next week. No worries though, all my e-mail goes to my Blackberry and in my profile I have a Fae Faire e-mail address if you have any concerns. That addy goes directly to my phoneI'm going to try my hardest not to be without the internet. I want to make the transition smooth so if anyone needs anything they wouldn't have to wait too long. Which will work out in the end because when we are moved in I'm getting new PCs and I think I want to Dual-screen. So SL and all my graphic aps will be easier for me to use. WOOT! Which means good things for all of ya! So things may be crazy for a bit but I got it covered!

Okies I'm signing off, Winthorpe out!


Man I love smileys!

Posted by Jade at 1:54 AM

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