Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yes... We're dancing again.

Yeah we are and we LOVE it. It's just like old times. We were in a glowy mood and I think we need more glowy moods. I hope for more impromptu Fae dances in the future. ;)

Oh and a side note... You probably have seen signs around the store about stealing. I put those up for the bottom feeders of SL. Did you know I actually had someone buy a 50L crystal I made 2 years ago (YES 2 YEARS AGO) just to see how I made it? I went to their store an hour later and the place was filled with them. It's not hurting me any, those crystals really are so last year and the year before that as well... I just wanted to say this. It's what blogs are for and like real life, SL can't always be giggles and pixie dust. I may be all cute but I am always aware. You'd be surprised by the "nicest" people and what they are capable of. Mind you, I'm no angel but I will tell you how it is. It will never be an act. Wow this totally turned into something random. LOL Guess that's what the many musings are for!

Ya know ya love me, XOXO <---ha I always wanted to do that.

Posted by Jade at 4:48 AM

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