Monday, August 25, 2008

My list of things I'm not and don't do...

This list is for one person, you know who you are. My web counter has gone up drastically since you started your "crusade" so I know you read this...

1. I don't push my work or builds on people in SL, especially large groups. I love to create plain and simple. It's not about the all mighty Linden, which I think a few people have that problem, but then again are they even artists? No. Don't push your drums on me in a group that was intended to be a chill low key hangout group. Don't plaster those large group logos on builds to make them "special" so noobs buy them thinking they have doing a good thing. You should be ashamed. But then again how can you be? All you can see is that Linden dollar. PIG.

2. I don't have to have people fund my expansion. (Took long enough for it to connect did it? Ours was instant. And the next full one will be too. Mys... Oops never mind not the estate name anymore.) There was something funny that was said on a commercial for a Bravo Reality TV Series. What does she say? "I don't keep up with the Joneses... I AM the Joneses." Apparently we're setting the standard for others, did I say others? I mean one person. To all the wonderful customers... Thankies!!!! Vanima Shee was bought with funds from the store. Our success is because of you. You guys can recognize quality and authenticity, PLUS you see the humor in everything we create. We laugh and have fun when we create things, and I'm glad to know you do too when you use them. Vanima Shee is a thank you, a big hug and lots of lovies to you and for you.

3. I don't lie. Yeah I'm peeved, I'm not going to hide it, I'm not going to lie about it, nor be in denial. Not pretend to others so they think that I have moved on. It was suppose to stop, all of this and it hasn't it has gotten worse. You really are a sick woman. It's probably why you're on SL 20 hours out of the day. (And no I'm not a doctor, but I do know crazy when I see it, you lie to others and yourself.) Don't lie to us and say we are so last week. I bet you have a shrine of us, you just seem so interested, so obsessed. =D So thank you. I'm happy your affected, you should be. You don't want to end it? Fine. Bring it. Because I can go for years.. Oh wait I have.

4. Not a One Trick Pony. Oh yes you are... The thing I find sooo funny is that you strap a Lord of the Rings name to everything you make, that or "Fae". I'm so over LoTR. It has been drowned and bleached in Second Life so it is most unoriginal. I like LoTR, but there's only so many Rivendell this and Rivendell that you can make. But wait I don't... LOL You are so pathetic. I don't need LoTR to create anything... My stuff comes from my imagination, where it should. Yours comes from books and movies, can your mind even work that way? No. And don't get it twisted, it's great to be inspired by the media around you. I often am, but it crosses the line when you make a table and then strap "Rivendell" to it so buyers will assume it's Fantasy and Elven. Oh look an Elven Smiley, make that a Rivendell smiley... Wow you're such a loser.

Ok I said my peace. You heard it, it's here and I'm not going to hide it from you.

Love you lots,

Posted by Jade at 2:54 AM

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