Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fae dancing at its finest...

This is a picture from last night on Vanima Shee. The sim is pretty much done and people are really enjoying it! It's what Ravyn and I really want and we couldn't be happier about it! Fae dancing at it's finest for sure! It reminded me of the old days a couple of summers ago in ElvenMoor. The days when EC was less than 100 members, (lol actually we didn't even have EC yet, it was Elf Clan) and everything was just starting to grow. Lately I have been starting to see old friends I first met in the Elven lands so many years ago, it's nice to start to get back to my fae roots and be surrounded by really cool people. The store will be finished in a couple of days and we will be giving gifts and having sales. Also there will be fun and neat things to do, all to kick off our Fae Faire Festival, which will be our yearly event starting this year to celebrate our 2 years in SL... WOOT!!! LOL just another excuse to party pretty much.

Only more good things to come, my SL is truly blessed!


Posted by Jade at 11:39 AM

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