Saturday, August 16, 2008

*Ding-a-ling* Come and get it, it's ready!

That's right, it's ready for all in SL to enjoy! Ravyn and I have our homes here, there's secret places, a tavern, temple and most importantly a Fae dance circle. Which of course it's what we love. It's pretty much a place for wild fae... That was our intention, we wanted to move away from the bubblegum and move into more natural and wild textures. Anyways stop on by, and keep stopping on by because we'll be having many impromptu Fae dances and just silliness... lol That has been something I have been missing greatly in SL. So come and get a piece of some silliness with us. :p

Oh and another thing... You may be wondering why I'm not plastering everything I've built or what's now available at the store. Well... You know where it is, and I wanted this blog to be about my thoughts behind SL, not just another freakin' advertisement to buy my stuff. Anyways thought I should let you guys know.

~Jade =D

Posted by Jade at 2:48 AM

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