Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Would you like Fries with that? Or Content Theft?

This is not content theft. This is my build. I built it, my partner and real life boyfriend scripted it, I bought the animations and made the textures for it. I have never used a social group to promote my business . To imply that I have is incorrect and far from the truth. I'm a RL artist and I love to build in SL, my work alone can tell you that. I have had Fae Faire since the Summer of 2006, it was never an end to make money or to promote my name. So with that I will now give this build to SL. You will find it available for $0L at my store. SL has given me so much, so it's now time for me to pay it forward. =)

~ Jade

Posted by Jade at 1:11 AM

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