Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm coming with full force...

Two days ago I received an anonymous IM from someone calling me the N-word. This person admitted to making the alt that day just to say it to me, that they have known me in SL for a long time, and that they were in a position of power so they couldn't say it on their main account. (Aww, couldn't show your face? The internet has made you so bold, I doubt you have ever see the light of day outside.) I'm touched. No really I am, you made me feel special, that you took time out of your sick life to fuss over little ol' me. I have never been harassed in SL before, (I have been on SL for over 2 years.) and this past week I have, and it's is coming from one sick, make that VERY sick individual. I don't know who the IM was sent from... But whoever it is in some way is associated with the person who has been harassing me this past week. All I'm going to say is that you are the company you keep. And for you that is really sick and sad. I never hid who I am in SL. I am African-American, Cherokee Indian and Panamanian. You can see my first life picture in my profile, so the fact that you talked about my AV's skin was rather baffling. Jade represents who I am in RL, and damn it sure is beautiful. =D I feel sorry for you whoever you are. You said you will destroy me, but you are destroying yourself with your ignorance and hatred. I reported you to LL, and whatever happens I know that the buck stops here. I'm turning this situation into love, creativity and awareness. In the coming weeks events against racism in SL will be my family and friends main focus. We will fight people like you, the cowards who hide behind an alt to say hateful and ignorant things. The entire reason I love SL is because of the diversity. The wonder you get knowing that you can be anything, from a vampire, or elf to a fairy or dragon... And here you use the N-word? Just because you made an alt account to say what you did doesn't mean you will get away with it. You are sick, you are a coward, and most of all you are selfish. There are people that don't want to get involved with this, you know who they are, they are the people you claim you care about... But nobody wants to buy from a racist (or people associated with them) plain and simple, whether you did it or not. So I would check yourself before you wreck those around you. Because you aren't even hurting me, you're hurting yourself, so please get some help.

Love and Light,

Posted by Jade at 1:49 AM

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