Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ok so where have I been?

Playing WoW (World of Warcraft) with Ara and a few friends from SL. lol I blame him, well not completely... I love being a Shadow Priest. :D Anyway... Vanima Nore is pretty much done. So I'm excited! Since I sold my mainland land, having a sim is quite nice, even though I'm a prim piggy as Ravyn puts it... Hey I like detail, but I can also be practical. So Vanima should be joining the Elvenlands this month... And then the sim will offically open. Also Fae Faire will be opening this month as well, so yes my furniture will be available for sale again. So thank you to all the many IMs asking where the heck Fae Faire went. It's still here, and will only get bigger and better. :) Fae Faire is in the sky of Vanima for the surface will always be fantasy role-play for Dryads and Drow. (Which reminds me Vanima Nore rules for RP will have to be made.) Also Vanima is a PG sim and will remain that way... I'm a fan of no hidden agendas, let's keep it light and fun please. :D

I've met a lot of great people in the Elven lands so joining with them for the great Continental Migration will be exciting! So please stay tuned here, I will always talk about what's going on with all the sims, and the store... Updates, pictures, news, and event info as well. So see you soon! :)

Posted by Jade at 11:23 AM

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